corporate catering success guide

If you’re planning a corporate event, it’s important to remember that delivering a successful meeting, party or conference depends on the quality of the food served as much as the speakers, the venue, and attendance rates. If you’re struggling to choose the right Carolina restaurant for guaranteed corporate catering success, consider these tips for finding a catering team that’s right for you.

Catering Manager

Before you discuss anything with the person who answers the phone, ask if the restaurant has a dedicated catering manager. A restaurant who is committed to delivering high-quality catering services will always provide you with a catering manager. No matter what promises are made by a general manager, a hostess, or a favorite employee, catering an event with food from a restaurant without a catering manager is never a good idea.

Ask for Catering Suggestions and Inclusions

Event catering is unique to every restaurant; some provide table linens for the buffet tables, others provide serving tools, and some even offer wait staff. Before you get into the topic of pricing, make sure everything is covered by asking for included items and services. Next, ask the catering manager for suggestions. A restaurant who caters frequently will not only ask you all the right questions, they will offer feedback and advice to ensure your event is a hit.


As an event organizer, you’ll need the support of key decision makers and those who are funding the event. Set up a tasting with the restaurant you are considering for the event. An experienced, reputable catering team will offer to host the tasting onsite in their restaurant or bring the tasting to you.

Set Up and Tear Down

Don’t assume that a catering team will set up your buffet table or stay to tear it down after the event. Discuss your needs for set up and tear down assistance and make sure those tasks are included in the quote.

Food Safety & Proper Handling

If you will be ordering food that requires refrigeration, be sure to let the catering team know if you don’t have a full-size refrigerator on site. Delivery times can vary and if you’re not hiring a team to set up the event, you’ll need to make arrangements to keep perishable items cold until serving time. The same goes for after-event storage; where will you store the leftovers? If your location doesn’t have a refrigerator, be sure to make arrangements for storing perishable items.


Have you ever been to an event where the plates run out before the line is gone? Everyone has, and this is a mistake that you can easily avoid. Although you’ll give a head count in advance, your numbers may be off or people might go back for seconds and get a fresh plate. Ask the catering team to bring plenty of extra supplies with them to cover those “extras” that can help keep your event on track.

Still overwhelmed?

Speaking to a dedicated catering manager/planner will help you feel at ease.


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